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Herniated Disc Conservative Treatments NYC | Call 646-553-1884 Dr. Alex Eingorn treats patients that have disc herniations of the neck, back and lower spine. In this video Dr. Eingorn discusses conservative treatment for herniated or bulging discs.

Conservative treatment for disc herniations can vary greatly. It will depend on where the disc is, whether it is in the neck, the lower back and whether it is in the thoracic spine. These will be very very different treatments.

Usually it will require some type of traction and compression. It will require some type of physiotherapy, like electrical stimulation, it might require icing. It could require mobilization of the spine to allow for the disc to start healing.

Once the patient is out of acute pain and out of danger, it will require sometime of exercise protocol to help them strengthen the core muscles that support that area. There are a lot of nutritional considerations. Discs are 90% water and if patients don’t drink enough water the discs are not going to recover.

Simple things like this make a huge difference. SO treatments may vary greatly, even though I am a chiropractor, my first line of defense is chiropractic care, both traditional and alternative.

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Learn more about treatments for disc herniations that do not require surgery here:

To learn more about the treatment that Dr. Eingorn provides at Better Health Chiropractic, contact his office directly by calling 646-553-1884.

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